Redesign: Spec case study of Emails and Social designed for fun and inspiration for the Australian fashion label, Matteau. Before and Afters. Designs based off of the brand’s current aesthetic and a loose adaptation of their brand guidelines.
Skills: Social Media Design; Stories, Grid Layout. Composition, Email Design, Typography, Visual Storytelling.



Design Analysis: Showcasing trousers and some ways to style them, I opted for an image that provides more stylistic contrast so that the silhouette of the trousers would be more prominent. The consequence was that the image did not show sandals to correspond with the original “Shop the Look” CTA, therefore I switched the last segment’s CTA to “Shop all Bottoms” banner, encouraging the user to remain in the spirit of selecting trousers and everything bottoms. The original typography was too small to be easily legible and also inconsistent in it’s spatial pauses between copy and image.  There was some artifact under the images in the “Shop the Look” segment that I also cleaned up.

Below are some examples of how this new email design structure could scale into other clothing and lifestyle categories within the brand:

︎︎︎1-3 Photography Credit: Morgan Pilcher
Tuesday Oct 5 2021