Who am I? I’m an Albanian-American multi-disciplinary visual designer with a passion for aesthetics. I have experience designing for various Fortune 500 companies, ad agencies and design studios, most notably Clinique, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, The New York Times Experiential Agency and Delta Air Lines. Through my work, I have been fortunate enough to nurture my intense curiosity that lies at the intersection of fashion, design, photography, travel and social media. When I’m not creating, I love to relax with yoga, meditation, tea, hiking in nature, and reading. I have recently moved from NYC to my current homebase of LA and am loving exploring the cafes and restaurants here. My top favorite spots so far:
Why digital? I have been passionate about digital media since I started my first style, design and photography tumblr back in 2014. I even connected it to google analytics and loved to obsessively check the data (so I have *some* connection to the numbers side of things as well ;) The internet has always felt like an intuitive way for me to grow. As a multi-hyphenate creative, many other IRL mediums have tugged at my interest throughout the years but I have kept returning to digital because it’s inherently captivating—the screen itself is a source of light.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for inquiries or collaborations: bora@borashehu.com

Tuesday Oct 5 2021