This page is a mini shout-out dedicated to those who have helped to fortify the foundations of my career thus far.

From the very first being my parents and sister.

Then to my high school friends, teachers, mentors and track team coach. The Red and Black newspaper and BLVD Magazine that I designed for while in college. The first small branding agency I worked for out of college, Vista Branding. AIGA Atlanta for giving me a space to grow and flourish as Programming Chair through creating their first Mentorship Program and Book Club as well as numerous other opportunities such as conducting design research for Son and Sons and later, art directing for Carter’s. Then to the branding opportunities at Habachy Designs and fashion styling and branding at Goodrowe Hobby which led to designing for Fake Love (now part of The New York Time’s T Brand Studio)The supportive people at various staffing agencies that connected me to design opportunities at Delta Air Lines and IMG Live. The University of Georgia colleagues that connected me to my first design job in New York at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics which led to Clinique and later, Supergoop! and Iris&Romeo, further refining my niche and design skills. Finally, all of the kind and helpful recruiters and friends connecting me to various freelance opportunities big and small.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021